03 November 2007

Do You Have FGS-Tampa Society Historical Photos?

Do you have any photos of FGS officers, members, or events from the years of your membership in the society? Your FGS Board is trying to compile a visual history for our Gala Golden Anniversary Celebration in 2008. If you have photos you would be willing to loan to us to scan, and then to return to you, we would appreciate your help! Labeling of names, locations, and dates is appreciated but not absolutely necessary. If you would be kind enough to help us with this project and have photos to share, please contact Trevetta Wunderlin at trevetta@yahoo.com or at (813) 977-6484. You can also bring your photos to the November meeting, the December Holiday Party, or January meeting in a self-addressed stamped envelope. We want to get these precious photos back to the owners. In addition, we will add copies to our FGS photo collection at the USF Library's Special Collections Department.

Thank you so very much for helping make our 50th Anniversary Celebration greater!