12 May 2007

Reminder of the FGS Program for Saturday, May 19th!

Just a reminder that Melody Porter will be presenting a program on May 19th titled, "Georgia Research Locations: Not Just for Georgia Researchers." She describes it in her workshop abstract as follows:

"Ever wonder about that little library you just drove by on your way home to Florida? Have you made the commitment to finding the missing piece of information on the family line at a brick wall?

"As a genealogist whose family lines did not run into Georgia or even close, I was less than ecstatic about my research opportunities when I moved to Georgia. However, I am now a believer in never overlooking a potential research site – no matter how small even if it is in Georgia. This lecture will give you information about research sites that will make you plan your next trip up north through every Georgia genealogy research location you can find!!"

To see the main announcement for this program, go to the April 15th posting by clicking on the link earlier in this sentence.

We hope to see you there!