26 May 2007

Have the FGS News Appear on YOUR Copy of Google

We're all busy and sometimes forget to go looking for notices of meeting programs and events, announcements, news, and other information. However, if you're like the majority of Internet users, you probably use the Google search engine. And Google has many powerful facilities and they're very easy to use.

One of the is the ability to customize how your screen Google Web search screen looks. Instead of the plain old, mostly-blank, white screen, you can make Google use that dead white space to display some important information! That includes Weblogs (or "blogs") such as the one that we are now using for our FGS (Tampa) Web site here at http://fgstampa.org, and your favorite podcasts. All it takes is a few minutes to create a free account at Google and set to customize your Google Web search page to be a personalized one, accessible by using a Login ID and Password (which you also can save on your computer).

In order to make this process easy, we've prepared some step-by-step instructions for everyone. You'll find them in a PDF file titled iGoogle Set-up Instructions in the list on the right side of this screen in the "How-to Instructions" list. Simply click on the link, open the document in the Adobe Reader, print the document, and follow the instructions. (If you don't yet have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the Adobe Web site at http://www.adobe.com.)

If you have any problems with the instructions, please send an e-mail (with your name and telephone number) to George Morgan at our e-mailbox at fgstampa@hotmail.com and he'll get in touch and help you get set up.

Don't miss any of the FGS news and information! Get yourself set up soon!