29 March 2008

Get Your FREE Annual FGS Membership!

Yes, you read the heading correctly. You can get your annual membership to FGS for free. Your board passed a motion at its meeting on 29 March 2008 aimed at increasing our society's membership. Here is the deal.

As an existing, paid-in-full member of FGS, all you have to do is bring in three new members to the society. The membership form is being changed to allow a new member to indicate the name of the existing member who invited them to join. (In the meantime, until the new form is online here at our web site, that information can be written in on the old form, currently available at http://www.rootsweb.com/~flfgs/FGS_member_appl_June_2007.pdf.) The FGS Board's Membership Chair and Treasurer will keep track of the new members who join as a result of your invitation. When you have reached the magic number of 3 new members, your membership for the following calendar year will be credited as paid in full. The number is set to zero again and the count begins again. If you bring in an additional three members, another calendar year's membership will be credited to you.

You already know that FGS has a wonderful group of people, a great calendar of top-notch programs, a terrific annual Fall Seminar with nationally-recognized genealogical experts as speakers, worthwhile and fun projects, and access to one of the finest genealogical library collections in the United States. A new membership directory is coming later this year and the board is working hard on new ideas for our second fifty years!

Talk up FGS with your friends, neighbors, and family members. Get them to join and we ALL benefit!