10 October 2007


The FGS Telephone Committee is in need of volunteers for our monthly calls to members to remind them of monthly meetings, Seminars or luncheons.

Each volunteer will have a list of 12-15 names.

Calls are made one week prior to monthly meetings held on the third Sat. of each month. If member is not at home, message can be left on the answering machine. If no answering machine is available, call back again at a different time. If unsuccessful, you do not have to make another call for that month.

If you cannot make your calls in any particular month due to illness or vacations, just inform me via phone or my email.

If you feel you could help out once per month for 20-30 minutes, it would be so appreciated by our committee. Thank you in advance if you choose to help out, you will be called by me with details.

Loraine Jacobs Rose,
Telephone Committee Chairman
Phone: 813-855-3614
Email: Lrose40221@aol.com