29 October 2007

***** Coming Attractions - 2008 *****

Do you remember how the movie theaters used to announce the "Coming Attractions" in great lights, colors, and titles? Well, the Florida Genealogical Society can do just the same thing! We have a LOT coming in 2008!

As always, we will host our society's Gala Holiday Party in December, with details coming in a few weeks!

The year 2008 is very special for the Florida Genealogical Society. We were founded in 1958, and 2008 will mark our 50th Anniversary! Members of your board are already culling through our historical papers in the Special Collection are of the USF Library, preparing to help commemorate and celebrate the occasion. Not only will we celebrate all year long, but our Annual Fall Conference will be a gala occasion for our commemoration.

In the meantime, we will begin our Golden Anniversary Year with some great seminars!
  • January - Adrienne Condon will present "Indentured Servants"
  • February - George G. Morgan will present "Effectively Using Heritage Quest", an online seminar in the JFG Library computer lab -- the first of several online classes
  • March - Donna Moughty will present "Getting the Most Out of FamilySearch.com"
And that is just the beginning! Your board is planning the absolute best educational programs you have ever seen at FGS, and our Annual Fall Seminar will have evolved into the best event ever.

Be sure to renew your membership, and get your genealogy friends to join FGS too! There is going to be something for everyone, and you don't want to be left out!

Help Us Celebrate Our Golden Anniversary with Style!