27 December 2008

Attending Other Societies' Meetings

Here on the west and southwestern coast of Florida, genealogists have some of the very best genealogy educational opportunities in the United States.

FGS (Tampa) strives to provide its members with announcements from the genealogical societies in the surrounding area, from Pinellas County in the west and Lakeland County in the east, and from Alachua and Marion Counties to our north and to Charlotte and Lee Counties to the South. We also want to highlight the activities of the Florida State Genealogical Society, as well as those of other state and national societies.

You may think that programs presented by other counties' societies are too far away. However, they are usually less than an hour's travel, and carpooling can be a lot of fun.

We announce lots of seminars for other societies, and they announce our seminars. Let's continue to share the wealth. AND, please consider visiting other societies and attending their great programs too!