15 April 2008

"The Genealogy Guys" on RootsTelevision.com

In case you haven't watched RootsTelevision.com in the past at http://www.rootstelevision.com, it is chock full of instructional videos, lectures, news, and videos by our own George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, otherwise known as The Genealogy Guys. The Guys have been doing a weekly genealogy broadcast (podcast) since September of 2005. It is the longest running, continuing genealogy podcast on the Internet with literally thousands of listeners around the world! You can listen to the current episode or all of them at http://www.genealogyguys.com.

However, the Genealogy Guys also have recorded three (3) episodes of Down Under: Florida. These are recorded broadcast videos, ala History Detectives, of stories concerning interesting cemetery markers in the Tampa area and the real-life stories about the people interred in the graves. The first episode focused on the gravesite of William and Nancy Ashley, and the second (and current) episode tells about the famous Ringling Brothers circus act, the Flying Zacchinis. These families are interred in local cemeteries and have increased interest in Florida and the Tampa area cemeteries. A third episode is in the editing stage.

You definitely want to look at these great videos at http://rootstelevision.com/players/player_dearlydeparted.php?bctid=1493265270. Let George and Drew know what you think! And be sure to thank our great genealogy librarian, Melinda Phillips, of the John F. Germany Library in Tampa for her wonderful support in providing excellent images for the Zacchini story!

We're famous!