07 July 2007

Volunteers Needed for Telephone Committee

Volunteers are needed for the FGS Telephone Committee. Members make calls to 10-12 members to remind them of the upcoming FGS meeting, which is held on the third Saturday of each month. You would therefore be making your calls starting the weekend or the first few days of the week preceding that third Saturday. Calls take 1-2 minutes for each member you call. You can leave a message with anyone who answers the telephone or leave a message on the answering machine.

If you have a conflict and can't make your calls for the month due to illness or vacation, you can let Loraine Jacobs Rose and she will make your calls for you or arrange for someone else to help out.

If you can contribute 20-30 minutes total per month, it would be very much appreciated! Please call Loraine Rose at (813) 885-3614 or send an e-mail to Lrose40221@aol.com to discuss volunteering.

Many thanks!